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Justice prevails for old jail house

By Ghazia / June 22, 2018

Third DA and a final court hearing has finally revealed what Commissioner Smithson, in her judgment mentioned the suitability of the site for development;

‘In summary, the development as amended is, in my view, an appropriate response to the site’s constraints, controls, location and context and will not have an adverse impact on the heritage significance of the heritage items, their setting or views which would warrant the removal of one level being the only issue remaining in contention between the parties. I was not persuaded that removing this level was necessary or even appropriate in order to meet the objectives or provisions of clause 5.10 of the LEP’

Burwood Council should consider all applications by a variety of Architects that differ or don’t agree in there approach but if they do disagree should not take this as a threat rather and in the spirit be motivated to create a better Burwood-the community deserves this from all professionals concerned. Challenging the status quo and changing its approach in seeking urban planning advise from all professionals not just one, we hope to see this change so that Burwood can become the City of diverse building types sought by its various complexities and challenges through this apply the right rules for all not just the very few.




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