• Ghazi Al Ali


    Ghazi Al Ali was born in Sydney and graduated from the University of New South Wales in 2002. As a final year student, he assisted John Dimopoulos of Geoform Design on various bespoke homes and medium density housing types. Ghazi led senior roles as a graduate with large companies like Scott Carver and Marchese Partners Architects here he directed award winning aged care/seniors living developments namely 'Oceangrove Dee Why' and 'Sea Side Links Wollongong' his knowledge of retirement villages and aged care helps with his commitment to social, cultural and economic challenges that Sydney faces especially in Canterbury Bankstown.

    In 2006-2009 Ghazi ventured to Dubai and was an Associate at Bruce Henderson-Nassar Saeed and designed and completed major land mark buildings. 2009-2011 Ghazi Al Ali Architect collaborated on significant projects with Dale Jones-Evans on Sharif House, Lakemba Master Plan and Lakemba Primary School.

  • Amineh Al Ali
  • Jakub Urge


    It has been 6 years since Jakub has joined Ghazi in 2011 and has participated in various roles throughout the practice until 2015 when he has been promoted to an Associate. Jakub has contributed to a countless number of projects both locally and internationally involving interior design, distinct residential projects, medium and high density developments, commercial buildings, hotels, heritage conservation projects, preparation of master plans, regional development strategies and local environmental plans.

    Jakub’s expertise spreads beyond the architecture field with a vast experience in assisting with Land and Environment Court proceedings accounting for a large amount of successfully accomplished court cases all across Sydney Region.

    Jakub’s prime vision is to never stand still and keep taking on challenges is in his further achievements both individual and corporate.

    Jakub's Team:

    Darren Lee | Edward Sarafian | Patrick Love | Mahnaz Pejam | Justin Lee | Emrah Semerci

  • Terence Zeng


    Terence Zeng has years of interior background in China before he started architecture in Australia. Graduating from the University of Tasmania with a Bachelor of Environmental Design degree with outstanding results, Terence took his first architectural internship in Guangzhou Urban Planning & Design Research Institute, China, he was involved in an award-winning Stadium design competition in Guang Xi province, China.

    Terence has Joined Ghazi Al Ali Architect in 2014 and since then he led senior role in numbers of development applications ranging from medium to high density multi-residential projects, commercial mix used & community developments. One of the significant and iconic projects of the company has consisted of a two hundred residential apartments with an integrated community library located in Edmondson Park, Liverpool City Council. Further works consist of development applications that involves Land & Environmental Court, particularly dealing with difficult sites. Under the guidance of Ghazi, Terence achieves significant success in reinterpreting council’s limitation and controls into possibilities.
     Terence's team:
    Lu Liao | Michal Paczkowski | Onur Sen | Meng Jiang
  • George Rahiotis


    George has joined Ghazi Al Ali Architects in 2017 and is project architect with over 13 years experience in the documentation delivery of multiple high end projects.

    He has sector experience in multi-residential, boarding homes, student housing, railway, hospitality and defence.

    His role is the management of design and documentation teams with the skills of project coordination, design development, documentation preparation and liaison with relevant authorities and stakeholders.
     George's team:

    Jo Van De Ven | Waqas Afridi | Mohammad Is'Haque Omar | Laila | Omar

  • Jana Jirickova


    Jana's Team:

    Tomislav Stevanoski | Emma (Haijie) Zhang | Katherine Chen | Mohammad Omar

  • Duha Haymour

  • Michal Paczkowski

  • Lu Liao

  • Xueyao (Holly) Duan

  • Khalil Haymour


    Khalil originally comes from Amman, Jordan and gained his bachelor’s degree in Administration & Financial Sciences with a major in Accounting in 2002 from Philadelphia University-Jordan. Khalil joined the firm in 2013 and has over 10 years of experience as an Accounting & Business Development consultant.

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